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Read what my clients have to say about my services. At Executive Case Management in Southeast Michigan, I will continuously evaluate the care being given to you until you are fully recovered.

For more information, you can call me at 248-408-0632. You can also send an email at [email protected]

I find Karen to be very easy to work with and great to communicate with. She is very timely and organized with her clients.

Christine Lorf

Karen is a very empathetic and dedicated case manager. A very seasoned professional and a pleasure to work with.

Debra Mc Ginnis

We have worked with Karen with multiple clients over the last year. My experience has been that Karen is very compassionate, client focused and a true advocate for her patients. She has been organized and quick to respond to client and team needs. We look forward to continuing to work with Karen and highly recommend her as a nurse case manager.

Diane Wagner-HeffnerC

It is extremely rare to come across someone that has as much passion and empathy as Karen does. Karen is extremely gifted in her communication skills and medical knowledge. 

Karen's presence alone commands attention and her warmth and advocacy for her clients is truly amazing. Karen has integrity, spirit and passion in her loyalty and commitment to her clients !!! 

Nicole Bourlakasmaurer

Having worked with Ms. Ferguson Taylor directly, I have nothing but the utmost respect for the level of professionalism, efficiency, and commitment in which she conducts herself with each and every client. 

Jeff Wilbur

I've known Karen for many years and have worked with her on several cases, she is very compassionate and dedicated to her clients well being and recovery, truly one of the finest patient advocates I know!

Jeff Cates

I have personally worked with Karen on several cases and have great regards for her professionalism. She takes great care of her clients needs, is very personable and attentive with each one of them and a joy to work with on each case. Karen is very charismatic and charming and lights up the room when she enters with her genuine smile and positive energy.

sophia bong

Karen is a case manager who truly respects and advocates for her clients! She is passionate, caring and hard-working which makes her an excellent case manager who works well with all types of individuals and families.

Megan Sitto

Karen is a dedicated, intuitive professional who meets challenges with dedication to those she serves. Karen is tenacious in seeking the best care for her clients and is extremely capable in using all resources to ensure best quality care. I am confident in recommending Karen as a nurse case manager. 

Angela Hagar

I have recently had the pleasure of working with Karen and a new client. It was clear from the start that Karen was more than a case manager. She is an advocate too. She sincerely cared that her client have a positive outcome and did her best to shepherd him in that direction. Karen is both passionate and professional. It's been a pleasure working with her so far!

Drew Bufalini

Karen is an amazing person who truly has a passion for helping others.

I've had the opportunity to work with her, assisting to ensure that her patients receive the treatment and services that they need. Karen uses her industry knowledge and experience to coordinate the best resources in order to promote unsurpassed care and the most positive outcomes for her patients. 

Carrie Vanneste

Karen is professional, knowledgeable, and empathetic. She is a great manager and has a lot of experience in the business. She has the clients best interest at heart and knows how to achieve success working with many providers. 

Barbara Porter

Karen Ferguson Taylor is an expert case manager who traverses the healthcare system like a pro. She seeks excellent care for every patient. Karen shares her extensive knowledge of the healthcare system with honesty and integrity. She is held in high regard with physicians and therapists. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a case manager.

Larry Cools

Karen and I have worked together for the past four years when she was Director of Clinical Services for Advanced Home Care and in her role as Case Manager for Abbey Consulting.

I have first-handedly observed Karen's caring and commitment to her clients and their families. Her outstanding nursing skills, her sensitivity to her clients' needs and her willingness to do...more

Margo Riza

Working with Karen Ferguson Taylor was a complete delight. I was lucky enough to be assigned as a temporary replacement (3 weeks) for her very busy assistant. She was patient and kind, always had a smile and a compliment when I walked through the door. Karen's passion for providing the highest quality of medical care even in very complicated situations is obvious with...more

Sabrina A. Herring

Karen and I had the privilege of working together for a good handful of years. We quickly gained an admiration, not only for each others work, but for the heart behind the work. Karen's compassion for her clients and patients is genuine and just unique. When adding her nursing knowledge; and the wisdom of years in the health care industry, its easy to understand why Karen'...more

Rosemarie Shim

Karen is will respected in our field and has an excellent reputation. She works well with families and fellow professionals.

Peggy Allen Bock

Karen is an excellent Case Manager and Nurse, worked in the field and then on call for a large hospice organization. Ms. Ferguson-Taylor focuses on quality care and can implement her expertise for the most complex of situations and meanwhile, provide detailed and individualized care to each person and family on her path. She brought a professionalism and credibility to...more

Wendy Winkler

Without a doubt, Karen Ferguson Taylor is one of the finest Homecare clinicians I've ever worked with. "Expert at connecting with families" through any circumstances or crisis, describes her intuitive, warm and through clinical approach. It was a honor to work with her as my primary RN/Case-manger on the Multidisciplinary Clinical Team at Angela Hospice.

Burton Gottlieb

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